The Winter time is a time that inevitably will slow you down.  As the air gets chillier and the roads get slicker, people are more apt to stay inside.  This forced downtime can cause some to have a bit of cabin fever.  Others may experience depression.  And some may even pack on the pounds because eating becomes their new favorite activity!  (At least that’s what happened to me when I lived in the Midwest.)  Despite what this change in weather typically does for you, it can be the perfect time to force you into getting all of those house projects done.  You know, the ones you always tell yourself you’re going to do?  The ones that have been on your to-do list for two years, but you can never seem to find the time?  Well, here ya go.  The cold winter months are the perfect time to accomplish them.  Today we are going to talk about simple remodel projects you can get done this winter, all done with faux wall paneling.

  • Kitchen Remodel
    Kitchens are typically the most sought after remodeling projects as homeowners spend a lot of time in this room.  After all, everyone has to eat.  And believe it or not, the aesthetic vibe of your surroundings can greatly alter your mood.  How does your current kitchen design make you feel?  An easy way to remodel your kitchen is by adding a kitchen backsplash.  This can be done without all of the messiness that typical tile includes by using faux wall paneling instead.  Faux brick panels or Faux stone panels are the most popular in the kitchen.  They are easy to apply, can be done so in a single afternoon, and are completely mess-proof and easy to clean. They look amazing too!
  • Bathroom Remodel
    An easy way to remodel your bathroom is by adding faux stone, brick or wood inside your shower! The panels are made from polyurethane, which by nature is a closed cell material.  In lamens terms, this means that no water can penetrate the surface, making faux wall paneling the perfect material for a shower.  It’s super easy to wipe clean and you don’t have to deal with messy grout.  The addition of faux wall paneling in your bathroom will transform the look completely, making your bathroom feel more like a spa with a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Bedroom Remodel
    A good place to start with a bedroom remodel is to first decide what look you want to go for.  A great place for inspiration is Pinterest, as it has thousands upon thousands of photos and how-to’s.  Simply mimic your favorite look as far as bedding and wall decor, and rearrange your furniture to give it a fresh look.  To top off the remodel, add an accent wall behind the bed using (yup, you guessed it) faux wall paneling to add dimension and texture to the room.
  • Basement Remodel
    If you are lucky enough to have a basement space, now is the time to add some pizazz to the downstairs area with faux wall paneling.  Create an actual man cave using faux stone panels or simply add an accent wall for a unique touch.  Basements are a great additional space, but people generally only like to use them if they feel comfortable in them.  If they are dark and damp and creepy, no one is going to want to go down there.  Add some value to your home by making your basement a comfortable place to relax!