Listen up y’all.  It is about to get real real, real fast.  Growing up, we were all told basically the same things: eat your vegetables, don’t talk to strangers, try your hardest at school, and don’t do drugs (D.A.R.E. anyone?).  Well my friends, the new generation is going to grow up hearing one more life ‘to-do’.  And what is that to-do, you ask?  Glad you did.  Gen Z is going to grow up understanding that faux stone panels are the bomb.  Not once will they even entertain the thought of spending thousands of dollars and hours of time installing authentic stone, when faux stone is clearly the wiser option.

FD faux stone front of house


If you are reading this, you are most likely a Baby Boomer, Gen X, or Gen Y.  Because you are not as informed as the latest generation, you may have not heard why faux stone panels are the bomb.  Well, at Faux Direct we are head of the game, and we are happy to give you the good news.

Faux stone panels are the bomb for so many reasons.  First off, they are extremely affordable.  At Faux Direct we carry a wide variety of panels, and the average price is $90 per panel.  They cover between 7-9 square feet in a single panel.  Compare that to authentic stone, which runs around $25/square foot.  When completing a big project, you will save hundreds to thousands of dollars by opting for faux.  Another reason why you will save money by going faux is because there are hardly any material costs involved.  All you need is either caulk or glue, and standard tools.  You can actually install them yourself, so you won’t spend money on labor either.

Another bomb factor to faux stone panels is their durability.  Umm, hello?  Who doesn’t like something that lasts a long time?  If it’s a good thing, the answer is no one.  And faux stone panels are just that.  They are created from a high quality polyurethane material that is impervious to moisture.  This means no rot, no mold, and no mildew.  They are weatherproof and UV resistant, so you can go crazy using them outside!

These are just a couple reasons why faux stone panels are the bomb.  Head to our Applications section to browse through the many different ways you can use faux stone panels right at your own home or business.  It is time to get on the same level as our younger, cooler cohort and be in ‘the know’ on what is in and what is out.  Faux stone panels? Definitely in.