There are several main reasons why people like to create accent walls in their homes.  We will get to those shortly, but first, how does one go about creating the perfect one?  Many people will simply use a coat of paint, which can look nice.  However, many people like to go the extra mile and create an accent wall that really stands out.  The best way to do this is by adding texture to the wall through the use of faux wall paneling.  We are going to give you several ways to incorporate faux wall paneling into your design scheme in order create the perfect accent wall(s) in your home.

A huge reason people create an accent wall in a room is to define a specific area, especially within a large, open concept floor plan.  In these types of homes, it can be easy for the rooms to all blend in with each other, leaving you with the feeling of not really knowing where one ends and one begins.  The faux brick panel used in the photo below really creates a sense of delineation for the living room from the rest of the rooms.

Another reason people create an accent wall is to showcase a specific portrait or painting, which would otherwise get lost on the wall. The use of faux brick in the photo below makes the horse painting stand out, and it would have otherwise blended in with the rest of the design scheme.

Creating an accent wall is also an excellent way to highlight a large focal point on our near a wall, such as a fireplace.  The faux stone used below does a fantastic job and drawing your eyes directly toward the fireplace.

Adding an accent wall also does an excellent job at visually changing the proportions of a room.  You can use darker tones to make a room feel smaller, and lighter tones to make a room feel larger. The image below features a light colored faux stone accent wall which opens up the room, adding to the openness created by the cathedral ceilings.

In this example, the dark faux wood accent wall controls the space in the bedroom.


As you can see, the addition of faux wall paneling to create an accent wall is an excellent way to give texture to the room, and accomplish a multitude of purposes in the process.