Perhaps you are one of those people who don’t get out much.  A night at home watching reruns of Modern Family with Chipotle takeout is your cup of tea.  You don’t love social media, and you never watch the news because it depresses you too much.  If you are one of these people, no big whoop.  You do you.  However, you might be a little slow on current events and what is in and what is out.

Good thing you stumbled across this article, because you are about to learn about something that is so very in right now.  And that something is faux stone panels.

Faux stone panels are used in the renovation world the way office receptionists use sticky notes. They are the latest and greatest when it comes to remodeling.  They can be used both on the interior and exterior of a building, and are commonly used in private homes and business buildings.

FD stone accent wall behind tub

Faux stone panels from Faux Direct are panels of veneer stone that are made to look and feel exactly like real stone.  The way this is accomplished is by using a high quality polyurethane foam to cast each panel from the authentic material itself.  This way, each panel contains the same grooves and textures that the real stone does.  At Faux Direct we have a wide variety of faux stone paneling options.  Anywhere from cobblestone to fieldstone.

The reasons people love using faux stone panels instead of authentic stone, is because they are far more affordable and durable.  You can actually install them yourself, so you will not have to hire out any labor.  All that is required is either glue or caulk, as well as a few standard tools.  This also frees you up financially because no machine or tool rentals will be necessary.

Faux stone panels are quite durable in that they are completely weatherproof.  They will not be damaged by snow, rain, sleet, sun, you name it.  They are also UV resistant.  Polyurethane, by nature, is a closed cell material so each of our faux stone panels are impenetrable by moisture.  This means that no rot, mildew, or mold will buildup on your panels.  They will not crack or chip, and will look amazing for years to come.  No need to worry about upkeep!

Faux stone panels can be easily ordered on our site.  They will arrive in 3-7 business days, and come with a full set of step by step application instructions.  Check out all of the ways you can use faux stone panels in our ‘Applications’ section.