There are many products on the market to choose from, but few that can provide the versatility of faux wall paneling.  Choosing to spend your money on something that can give you more options is far better than blowing your cash on a product with limitations.  Read on to see how faux wall paneling is the most versatile product on the market.

What is it?
First, let us define what faux wall paneling is.  Chances are, you have actually seen faux paneling in your lifetime quite a bit; you just don’t know it isn’t real.  Faux wall panels are panels made from polyurethane and are design to look exactly like authentic stone, brick or wood.  The panels are cast from their authentic counterparts, and then painted to match them exactly.  Faux wall paneling has the same look and feel as authentic brick, stone and wood, without the associated cost or laborious installation.

Faux wall panels are incredibly durable, as the material they are made out of is impervious to moisture.  This makes each panel resistant to rot, mold and mildew.  They are weatherrpoof, UV resistant, and termite resistant.

How are they Used?
The beauty of faux wall paneling are the amount of projects that can be completed with them! There are so many applications.  First of all, because they are weatherproof, you are not limited to using them either indoors or out.  They work great in all climates and can handle all types of weather like a champ.

  •  Outdoor Applications
    Outdoors, faux wall paneling is most commonly used on the exterior of homes, business properties, and signs.  They are also used to create various things, such as: entry gates, fence posts, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and landscape eye candy such as a rock waterfall in a pool or a rock wall in a back yard.
  • Indoor Applications
    Indoors, faux wall paneling is most used to create accent walls.  Faux brick is also incredibly popular placed around mantles and fireplaces and used in kitchens as a backsplash.  Faux stone is used in bathrooms to create a dreamy, spa-like atmosphere.  Faux wood is used to create wainscoting and line staircase walls.  Faux wall panels can even be used to create man caves or wine cellars!

Easy to Install
One of the greatest feature of faux wall paneling is that they are DIY.  Anyone can instal them, even without formal carpentry training.  They are easy to cut and applied to the wall using standard tools, liquid adhesive and standard caulking.  A typical faux wall paneling project takes a mere several hours to complete.
As you can see, the opportunities with faux wall paneling are endless. They can be used on any existing wall surface, indoors or out to create the look of your dreams.  Head to our Products section now to see which faux wall paneling is awaiting you to transform your home.