Spring is around the corner, and oftentimes it is a time of renewal.  Time to clean out the closets, under the beds, and in the pantry.  Out with the old, and in with the new.  Many people like to makeover their home in Spring because the cold weather is pretty much gone, and the renovations will be done just in time to fully enjoy the summer months.  If you are looking for a way to makeover your home in a totally unique fashion, you have come to the right place.  You can use faux wall paneling for a complete home makeover.

We say complete, because faux wall paneling is not limited to one specific area or one specific room of the home.  Believe it or not, faux wall paneling isn’t even limited to the indoors!  There are a wide variety of applications for faux wall paneling, both on the interior or exterior of your home.

First off, let’s begin in the kitchen.  You can use faux brick, faux stone, or faux wood paneling in the kitchen for a number of makeovers.  You can makeover your kitchen backsplash, or create one if there wasn’t one there in the first place.  You can add the faux wall paneling around your kitchen island to make it pop.  You can even use it as a wainscoting on the wall to transform the look.


In the bathroom, you can add faux stone paneling to the shower to create a spa like oasis.  Add it above the bathtub to do the same.  Add faux wall paneling to the man cave to make it more like a cave, and less like a dingy room with mismatched furniture.  In the living room you can use faux stone paneling to create an accent wall behind your fireplace, TV, or a focal piece of art.  Place it behind your bed to create an accent wall in the bedroom.


Outdoors you can use faux wall paneling to create an outdoor kitchen, spruce up your siding, deck, or even your fence.  Many people use it on their entry gate to cut down on costs and make the outer pillars stand out.

The best part about using faux wall paneling is the time and money you will save.  They are lightweight and can be installed all on your own.  They are also extremely durable, as they are weatherproof, UV resistant, and resistant to mold, mildew, and rot.

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