Make your pool pop and the envy of the neighborhood quickly and easily.

 Blow away your guests with the interior of your B&B or hotel with the luxurious feel from faux paneling at  Make them feel like they are in Scotland at an old castle with castle rock panels.  Or make them feel like they have been swept away to the Asian jungles with Bamboo panels.  Whatever feel you want to give, bring it to life with the affordable and easy application with


These faux panels will allow you to save money on expensive building materials and help you focus on what is truly important: your guests’ overall experience.  There is no mess or extra tools involved when applying these panels, so no need to hire an expensive contracting company.  All on your own you can create unique accommodations that will have all of your guests raving. Have your company known for its exclusive, deluxe lodging while simultaneously saving money and time.


  • Lightweight and easy application
  • Created to resist effects of weather; both hot & cold
  • Made in the USA
  • Production & Shipping within 3-5 business days

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