Perhaps you have heard of faux wall paneling, you just aren’t quite sure of what it is exactly.  Well, the good news is, you’ve stumbled into the right place.  We are going to tell you everything you need to know about faux wall paneling, and then some!

Faux wall paneling by Faux Direct are wall panels constructed from a high quality polyurethane material to look exactly like authentic brick, stone, or wood wall paneling.  Polyurethane is actually a form of plastic, and it starts out as a foam.  Each panel is cast from the authentic material using the foam, so when the panel dries it will look and feel exactly like the real deal.  All of the same grooves, cracks, and textures are included.  Kind of like when you get a cast done of your teeth at the Dentist!

Polyurethane is beneficial for a number of reasons.  First off, it keeps costs low.  It is far more affordable to obtain faux wall paneling versus authentic stone, brick, or wood materials.  It is also extremely lightweight.  Because of this, you can actually install the faux wall panels all by yourself!  All of our shipments include a step-by-step installation guide that makes it easy and straightforward for you to apply them.  Most people can complete it in a single afternoon!

Faux Wall Paneling

In addition to being affordable, polyurethane is also extremely durable.  By nature, polyurethane is a closed cell material.  This means that no moisture can penetrate its surface.  Because of this, all of our faux wall panels are resistant to mold, mildew, and rot!  They are very easy to wipe clean; all that is required is a damp rag (no harsh chemicals)!  All of our polyurethane faux wall paneling is also designed to withstand the effects of weather, both hot and cold.  Yep, they can be used outdoors! Our panels are also UV resistant, and fire rated!  This means they can be placed around heat sources such as a fireplace or stove.

Faux wall paneling is an amazing alternative to traditional stone, wood, or brick.  It looks and feels exactly the same, however you will save a whole lot of money and time in the process.  You can achieve the same gorgeous look of a stone fireplace without all of the hassle that authentic stone requires!  Head to our ‘Applications’ section to see all of the ways that you can use faux wall paneling on the interior or exterior of your home or business for a quick and easy remodel!