A utility room is a space that is usually only visited when work needs to get done. To make your life easier, it is helpful to have the space in an organized and efficient working order. Who says that keeping the space in working order has to be dull and boring? This space will most likely be seen by only those that live in the home, so have fun with it and add your own funky twist to some of these organization ideas!

  • Pick your own colors and patterns for the area. Counters function for scrubbing our stains, ironing clothes, and folding clothes so make sure they are durable yet look like your style. Don’t forget about the floor. Carpeting isn’t recommended for a laundry area, however, you can have a lot of fun with different tile patterns that would be easier to clean if you happen to spill soap on it. Don’t forget to have some fun with the lighting and paints in the area to brighten things up!
  • Ceiling lighting isn’t the only thing you can use overhead. Use the space for clothing bars or a clothing line for items you would rather air dry. That would open up some space for hanging clothes that aren’t dryer recommended or more bulky items that don’t completely dry in the dryer. Pull down hanging racks fold back up when not in use so you don’t have to duck when walking by. If having a rack hanging from the ceiling isn’t ideal for you, you also have the option of a mounted wall rack. Heated options are also available to help with the drying process!

Other ideas to add your personalized twist are wall decals, fun back splashes, and different types of hardware for the sinks and cabinet doors. You can play with the thought of a retro theme, modern theme, elegant theme, or create your own! White cabinet doors are the normal idea for a utility room, however you don’t have to go with normal. You could try pink or a dark blue. The back splash is another spot you can have fun with colors too and add your own twist. You could even switch out the faucet on the wash tub to one you personally like better. The personalizing of this space is endless!

  • Don’t forget to keep the style functional. While hiding your cleaning items may seem ideal, you can also have open shelves and use baskets if you would rather add more color or detail to your space. This may make it feel more flowing and keep your items from making cabinets smell musty or stuffy. If the space allows, don’t forget that you can store larger items such as your mop and vacuum in this area too. For the tall doors, you may consider adding ventilation grills to air out the cabinet so it stays fresh. If you like the idea of ventilation grills but don’t want to completely replace the entire cabinet, you could consider speaking to a professional about getting new doors made.

Your utility room is your space and should reflect that. It should have your style while still being functional for you! Personalize it so that you don’t dread going to it when you need to and have your items exactly where you want them. Baskets or no baskets, pink or blue, those are your decisions to make so have fun with these functional ideas in your space!