Each year the interior design industry shifts slightly in the overall popularity, look, and style of its content.  Trends come and go, so we have done the research for you in order to inform you of what the top trends will be this year in interior design.

  1. Black Stainless Steel. You may remember Grandma Betty’s oven and it was most certainly not stainless steel, let alone black stainless steel.  It was most likely a shade of pastel that reminded you of Easter Sunday.  Well, this year even silver stainless steel will start to make its exit as black takes over!
  2. Mismatched Cabinetry. Who said everything has to perfectly match?  Another trend this year is mismatching cabinetry, playing with different patterns and colors.  The results are bold and beautiful.
  3. Textured Accent Walls. Plainly painted accent walls are so yesterday.  Textured walls are rising to the top of the trends list and are here to stay.  Texture can be easily added as an accent wall through the addition of faux stone, faux brick, or faux wood paneling.  They are affordable, can be installed on your own, and last for years and years.  Faux Direct manufactures and sells the highest quality faux wall panels on the market.
  4. faux-walls-accent-walls-faux-brick-home-decor-ideas

  5. Bathroom Mirrors That Make a Statement. Consider selecting bathroom mirrors that are not the typical rectangular shape.  Opt for funky shapes and bold frames.  They will be sure to make a statement as well as follow the top 2016 trends.
  6. Digital Free Living Rooms. Now, we aren’t saying that technology is going out the window, because that certainly couldn’t be farther from the truth.  However, more and more families are opting to keep all digital devices outside of the living room in order to facilitate more family time and communication.
  7. Fireplaces. While this trend hasn’t really ever gone anywhere, it is rising to the top of the trends lists.  Fireplaces are typically staged as the focal point, with all furniture being arranged around them.  They can be further accentuated by the addition of faux wall paneling in order to provide texture.  Everyone loves the look of a gorgeous faux stone fireplace, right?  And the best part is, the panels are fire rated making them completely safe to be used near the high heat.
  8. Mixed Materials in the Kitchen. In addition to adding more texture, it is trending now to mix and match the materials used in the kitchen.  Consider wood beams on the ceiling, a brick backsplash, and a stone kitchen island.  All of these things can be accomplished with faux wall paneling as well.