Although it is fun to peruse stores such as Restoration Hardware or Z Gallery, it is not always fun to pay the associated price tag to redecorate your home.  More and more people are turning to DIY projects in order to save money, while still adding a brand new creative look and feel to their homes.  Not only will there be more cash in the bank when you are done redecorating, but you will also have had a blast utilizing your creativity skills during your DIY projects. Read on to see the current top DIY home decor trends.

  1. Turn Your Photos Into Wall Art. Wall art can be extremely pricey, especially when paying for an original piece.  Why not take an amazing photo you have taken and turn it into wall art?  If you smart shop, you can take your own hi-res images and have them reproduced on a canvas for less than $10!  With the current access to amazing photo taking devices, even on your own smart phones, more and more people are becoming ‘photographers’ in their own backyards.
  2. wall art photo

  3. Transform Inexpensive Furniture into Expensive Looking Pieces. There is simply no need to pay full retail price for a piece of furniture.  Check your local flea markets and consignment stores for sturdy pieces that can be recovered for a fraction of the price.  You can have a sofa that looks brand new and puts Restoration Hardware to shame simply by doing a little homework ahead of time.  Another idea is to find furniture and make it your own, such as taking an inexpensive Ikea TV console and painting the legs of it metallic gold.  A simple coat of paint could be all the piece of furniture needs in order to completely transform the look.
  4. before and after recovered couch

  5. Add Texture Through Faux Wall Paneling. Everyone loves the amazing look of a kitchen backsplash or an accent wall, however most of the time expensive stone, brick, or wood is used.  Now, with faux wall paneling, you can achieve the same amazing look for a fraction of the price.  Faux wall paneling looks and feels exactly the same, however it is extremely affordable and can be applied all on your own.
  6. brick accent wall

  7. Window Treatments. There are countless tutorials on how to create your own drapes and blinds by using materials found at a local fabric store with little to no sewing involved.
  8. diy window treatment

  9. Just like window treatments, there are numerous DIY tutorials on how to create your own unique lighting fixtures such as creative chandeliers! Hello home project, goodbye expensive home decor store!

diy chandelier