Faux wall panels are being widely used for a number of home improvement projects.  Why?  Well, the top two reasons are their affordability and durability.  Authentic stone comes with a hefty price.  Not only must you purchase the stone itself, but the mortar, machine/tool rentals, and labor costs as well.  With Faux Direct, you can purchase faux stone panels for a fraction of the price.

You won’t pay for labor, because you will be able to install them all by yourself in a matter of hours.  With our faux panels, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear like you would with traditional materials.  They are constructed from a high quality polyurethane material that is impervious to the effects of moisture.  They will not rot, grow mildew, or mold.

They won’t chip or crack, and they won’t fade in the sun thanks to their UV resistance.  Last but not least, they are built to withstand the effects of weather, both hot and cold.  This means you can use them outdoors and not have to worry about your faux wall panels, rain or shine.

Here are the top 10 ways that faux panels are being used for home improvement projects today:

  1. Accent Walls. Many people enjoy the aesthetic appeal of an accent wall, as well as the way it delineates one room from another, especially in an open floor concept home.
  2. Faux Brick Interior Wallwhitelogo

  3. A stone or brick fireplace changes the look of the entire room.  Not only does it showcase the fireplace itself, but it adds a warm and cozy vibe.  At Faux Direct, we have fire rated faux stone and faux brick panels designed specifically for this use.
  4. FD faux brick fireplace

  5. Kitchen Island. What better way to spruce up the island in your kitchen than through the use of faux stacked stone?
  6. FD Stone Kitchen backsplash

  7. Fence Posts. Out with the old, boring fence posts, and in with the new and unique faux stone fence posts!
  8. Kitchen Backsplash. Remember, as stated earlier, these things are impervious to moisture.  No worries if you splash or spill onto your backsplash.  You can easily wipe it off, and won’t have to worry about scrubbing the grout with harsh chemicals (like you would with authentic materials)!
  9. Bathroom Makeover. Whether you place faux wall panels in your shower or on the wall, we can all agree they look amazing and add a unique flare to the interior of a bathroom.
  10. Entry Gate. Want to add a gate to the front of your home, but don’t want to foot the bill? Use faux stone instead!
  11. Retaining Wall. Who said retaining walls had to cost you an arm & a leg?
  12. Home Exterior. Add faux brick to the exterior of your home to take it from drab to fab.
  13. Outdoor Kitchen. Now you can create your own backyard oasis!