If you haven’t heard of it yet, you are sure to at some point.  Tiny houses are the ‘new thing’.  For some reason we cannot possibly figure out, people all over the country are selling their homes, donating a majority of their belongings, and moving their families into tiny houses.

By tiny, we mean tiny.

Take a look:

To put it into perspective for you, the typical American home is around 2,600 square feet.  The typical tiny house?  100-400 square feet!  Talk about a massive difference.  The most popular reasons people are choosing to move into tiny homes are environmental concerns, financial motivation, as well as the desire to have more freedom to do other things with their lives.  After all, if you aren’t paying a mortgage, chances are you will probably have a lot more wiggle room in the ole’ budget.

tiny houseThe fun part about moving into a tiny home is the design phase.  Each home is custom built and tailored to exactly who is moving into it.  If you are going to downsize that much, you are definitely going to want to make sure that the home fits and meets your personal and family needs, having all of the features you will use on the daily and eliminating those that you won’t.  People are having a blast customizing their tiny homes, choosing everything down to the materials used to build them.

At Faux Direct we are proud to announce that faux wall paneling is a popular material that is used in the design phase.  Faux brick, faux wood, and faux stone are all being incorporated into the interior and exterior design of these little houses.  Depending on the person’s style, the paneling is chosen and can be used virtually anywhere inside or outside the house.

Faux brick and faux stone are popular choices for tiny home kitchens as well as the bathroom walls.  Faux wood looks great in the remainder of the home, and all three are popular for external use.  Using faux wall paneling goes right along with the whole notion of saving money through purchasing a tiny home, because of how cost affective it truly is.  In addition to this, it is applied quickly and effortlessly (unlike authentic stone, brick and wood!).  The very best part about faux wall paneling is its durability factor.  No matter what weather comes in the direction of the tiny home, the panels can handle it.  They are UV resistant, weatherproof, and resistant to mold, mildew, and rot!  If you are one of the people who have joined the tiny home craze, consider using faux wall paneling from Faux Direct to complete the customization process.