Interior design is a world that is ever changing.  As trends come and go, so do interior design ideas.  Many of these designs look great for a time, but as the years pass begin to quickly look outdated.  Because of this, people often decorate their home a number of times in their lifetime.  If you live in your ‘forever’ home, this can be extremely exhausting, time-consuming, and expensive.  So for your next interior design project, why not opt for ideas that are timeless and will look great no matter what trends come and go?

brick accent wall

Here are some timeless interior design ideas we think you should know about:

  1. Muted Palette. The fewer colors used, the more restful the overall feel will be. Light, muted, neutral colors will look great no matter how much time elapses.  Bright reds and yellows and floral wallpaper?  Let’s just say those won’t! When you have light colors on your wall, it allows for other things such as furniture and artwork to stand out.
  2. Keep Photographs on Dressers. Rather than framing photos on the wall, stick to small, simple photo frames and arrange them nicely on dressers and side tables. When you opt to hang small photos on the wall, it ends up looking like a bunch of noise. Unless it is a large, nicely framed photograph, stick to small frames off the walls.
  3. Stone and Brick. The look of stone and brick is incredibly timeless.  You can create an accent wall made of brick or a fireplace made of stone.  Opt for faux wall paneling rather than authentic stone or brick to save money. It is easy to install on your own and incredibly resilient.  It looks and feels exactly like the real deal, but costs a whole lot less.
  4. Keep the Mantle Spare. Instead of crowding your mantle with a bunch of small objects, use larger pieces but don’t overdo it. A pair of vases and a candle will do, or even one large showpiece mirror.  The idea is to be able to see the decor from across the room, but not be so busy that it distracts from the rest of the room.
  5. Keep Similar Colors Together. When you choose a color you like, you can select from other colors in the family to compliment one another.  For example, if you love green choose a soft forest green for your throw pillows and pair it with a khaki throw blanket.  You can do this without becoming overly matchy matchy and so the same color isn’t all over the room.