Have you been thinking of updating your home? Home improvement projects such as wall addition, repair, and replacement, are fairly routine and if done well can go a long way to enhance the layout and functionality of the home for years. This article will give you some tips and ideas when preparing for the next big home improvement!

Make sure the size of the project is taken into consideration when starting home repairs. Think about the number of procedures that will be needed to complete everything. Projects like: Drywall texturing, installation of moisture resistant drywall, nail pop repair and extensive room separation using fauxstoneand other materials all can take time and money. It is important to think ahead and have a plan in place.
There are several reasons a homeowner can be pushed to undertake drywall repairs.

  • Emerging cracks
  • Moisture damage
  • Mice damage
  • Doorknob holes
  • General wall wear and tear

That is why drywall replacements are needed. Drywall replacements allow the option of more durability along with weather proofing. The application of a moisture resistant drywall is appropriate in areas where moisture is perverse like the basement, kitchen, bathroom and garage. The replacement walls also look really nice! Various textures can be applied to give the room different looks.

Some of the most practical drywall texturing options to consider include; popcorn drywall texturing, knockdown drywall texturing and orange peel drywall texturing. The popcorn drywall texturing often creates a thick and elaborate finish on the drywall. The thickness is attained by allowing the drywall to mix naturally without flattening the compound once it is placed on the wall. The orange peel drywall, on the other hand, exudes a compact rough appearance. The texture is never smoothened to create a flat surface. If your home is prone to moisture damage and mold, it is very important to install a moisture resistant drywall in spite of its steep price.

But remember, changing and updating the home should be fun! The goal should be to remain cost-efficient while staying flexible with options. That is why faux panels are so great, as there a wide variety of shapes and designs that you can choose from. Below are 3 popular room separation design ideas that can be implemented at home:

  • Add a half wall to create a separation that does not negate the notion of one large room.
  • Create a new room by erecting a full wall on the interior of the house
  • Use creative dividers such as bookshelves.

Finally, try and incorporate faux stone into your home repair. Faux stone provides true flexibility and allows for ultimate creativity. Enjoy the incredible variety of colors and textures than will allow you to make your home the best it can look.