Have you ever been called thrifty before?  If you’re the type that separates your toilet paper plies to save money, has a binder full of coupons from 1997, or recycles McDonald’s to-go cups, then this might not necessarily be a compliment. However, if you are a smart shopper, wait to spend money until you find a good deal, and try and accomplish as much on your own as possible, then you are a wise person.  You can save a whole lot of money, especially when designing your home, by having a thrifty mindset.


If you are looking for ways to design your home in a thrifty manner, these ideas may appeal to you.

  1. Consignment Shopping. Instead of purchasing furniture brand new, go on a treasure hunt to your local consignment stores.  Decide ahead of time what it is you need, perhaps a buffet table or a cabinet for your china.  Hunting for the perfect piece of furniture will actually be a lot of fun.  Do not be dismayed by its current state, either.  As long as the furniture is good quality, you can sand it down and paint it until it is just the way you want it.  Add unique hardware to give it the finishing touch.  You may be surprised at how inexpensive you can find good quality furniture simply by purchasing something that was previously owned.
  2. Beautify your Bookshelves. If you do not have enough books to fill up your bookshelves, there are several inexpensive tricks.  First off, add a bold or fun patterned wallpaper to the back of the shelf. This will add a unique look to the room without overdoing it on the whole wall.  Second, you can always purchase books for next to nothing at Goodwill, and then wrap them in brown paper.  Lay them on their side and stack them.  Add photo frames into the mix and your bookshelf will be transformed.
  3. Faux Wall Paneling. The use of faux wall panels will transform your home on a total budget.  You can use faux brick, faux stone, or faux wood paneling for a huge variety of applications.  Create a stone fireplace, a wood accent wall, or even a brick backsplash in your kitchen.  The panels are much cheaper than the real deal, and you can install them all on your own.
  4. Add a Chair Rail. Chair railing will transform a room in a matter of minutes and make it feel far more luxurious than it currently does.  If you don’t want to spend the money on actual molding, you can create it yourself with stick on molding.  Simply paint the wall below and above it different colors.