In addition to their affordability, the best part about faux brick panels is their versatility.  They can be used for so many things.  How many different places have you seen brick used?  Probably a bunch.  We are going to list out a few different ways that you can use our faux brick panels for your next DIY project.

  1. Use Around a Fireplace. Originally, brick was used around fireplaces because of it’s ability to withstand the heat.  More and more people wanted brick fireplaces simply for the aesthetic appeal.  Many people are unable to afford the installation of an authentic brick fireplace because of the material and labor costs.  There is now a solution with faux brick panels.  They look and feel exactly the same, and they are fire rated so they are safe to use around a heat source!
  2. FD faux brick fireplace

  3. Create an Accent Wall. When people add on to their homes, sometimes the room created has a wall covered in brick due to the exterior of the home.  This adds character and style, and many people love the look.  Now you can add brick to your wall without the need to add onto your home, all with the use of faux brick panels.  They take a matter of hours to install, and you can do it all by yourself.
  4. Faux Brick Interior Wallwhitelogo

  5. Use on the Exterior of Your Home. Faux brick panels are not limited to the indoors. Because they are made from high quality polyurethane, they are impervious to the effects of moisture.  No rot, no mildew, and no mold. They are also weatherproof and UV resistant.
  6. Use for Your Business. Faux brick panels can be the perfect addition to the interior or exterior of your business to give it a unique flare.  They will stand out in the minds of your customers, and keep them coming back for more.
  7. Use on a Monument Sign. Many monument signs are plain and dull. They do not stand out from one business to the next, and therefore do not make a lasting impression in the minds of potential customers.  Adding faux brick to your monument sign will make it stand out as well as improve your overall corporate image.

Whether indoors or outdoors, home or business, faux brick panels are extremely versatile. Head to our ‘Applications’ section for even more ideas on how faux brick panels can be used.