Although it is probably not a part of your daily vocabulary, no doubt you have heard the word polyurethane.  It is a widely used material in many products due to its versatility and high quality makeup.  At Faux Direct we rely on it to give us the same great look and feel of authentic brick, wood, and stone in our faux paneling.

We use a high quality polyurethane foam to create each of our panels.  It is placed in an actual cast of either brick, stone, or wood so each panel will look and feel exactly the same.  All of the authentic grooves, curves, cracks, and textures will be incorporated into each panel we manufacture.  The authentic look of our panels is what seals the deal when people choose to use them in leu of the more traditional, authentic products.  Why spend more money when you can get the same great look for less?

Faux Panel


Polyurethane is extremely durable.  Because by nature polyurethane is a closed cell material, it is impervious to the effects of moisture.  Moisture of any type will not penetrate the surface of our faux wall panels.  This is not the case with traditional materials such as wood. For example, wood is extremely porous.  When wood gets wet, it has no choice but to absorb all of that moisture into all of its cavities.  The result?  Bowed, warped wood.  Your entire project is ruined and most likely will need to be replaced.  Although it looks gorgeous, it really is not worth it in the long run.  With our faux wall panels, you will never have to worry about moisture affecting the quality and composition of your faux wall panels.  This goes for weather too! You can use them outside and not have to fret about rainstorms, snow, or ice.

Another durable aspect of polyurethane is that due to the fact that it is impervious to moisture, it is impossible to get mold or mildew buildup nor will it rot.  What a relief! Also, it is UV resistant, so the sun will not fade your panels if you place them outside in direct sunlight.

At Faux Direct we also have fire rated polyurethane panels.  These are ideal to use when placing your panels around a heat source, such as a fireplace.  They are designed to withstand the effects of heat in order to keep your fireplace looking amazing for years to come.

Last but not least, unlike traditional materials, polyurethane is affordable.  You will be able to cover up to 9 square feet in a single faux panel for a fraction of the cost of authentic wood, stone, or brick.

In the end, when choosing your next home design project, faux is the way to go thanks to the power of polyurethane!