Faux wall paneling is quickly becoming the design element of choice in the home renovation world.  It is durable, versatile, and most importantly affordable.  Many people want to create a unique, gorgeous look in their homes, whether it be indoors or out.  Unfortunately, many people’s dreams stop right there as the end result is too expensive and time consuming.  Luckily for you, you have landed in the right place.  Read on to discover why faux wall paneling is truly the best solution to achieving a new and unique look in your interior or exterior design.


First off, faux wall paneling is durable.  It is made from a high quality polyurethane material, and cast straight from the authentic stone, wood, or brick.  It begins in a foam like consistency, and takes the place of the mold of the authentic material.  When it dries, it is then painted to look exactly like it.  The end result is stunning, and quite frankly unbelievable to most.  Because it is made from polyurethane, it is impervious to moisture.  That means all of our faux wall panels are resistant to mold, mildew, and rot.  They are also designed to withstand the effects of weather, both hot and cold and are UV resistant.  We weren’t kidding about durability!

Faux wall paneling is also extremely affordable.  For instance, if you were to cover a fireplace in authentic stone vs. faux stone panels, you would spend more than double the cost.  The materials themselves are inexpensive, and you can install them all by yourself.  This eliminates the need for labor costs all together.  They can be installed in a matter of hours, which makes the overall project take up a fraction of your time.  And after all, time is money!


Lastly, faux wall paneling is very versatile.  It is not limited to indoors or outdoors, nor is it limited to a single application.  People use faux brick, faux stone, and faux wood paneling on many projects both indoors and out, such as around their pool, to create an outdoor kitchen, a front entry gate, to create an accent wall, a kitchen backsplash, or even in the bathroom in the shower.  You can create a man cave, add originality to your deck railing, and even place it anywhere on the exterior of your home.  Didn’t have a brick house before, but want one now?  No problem! Add faux brick paneling to quickly transform your home with southern brick charm.  And there you have it, the many wonders of faux wall paneling.