Faux stone paneling is all the rage right now.  Why? Because it looks and feels exactly like authentic stone, but it is a fraction of the price.  At Faux Direct, we use only the top of the line polyurethane foam to cast our faux stone panels from authentic stone. All of the same grooves and textures are present in the faux panel, so you are hardly able to tell the difference.

Polyurethane by nature is a closed cell material, therefore is a natural moisture barrier. Because no form of moisture can penetrate the panel’s surface, it is impervious to the effects moisture build up has: mold, rot, and mildew.  They are also weatherproof and UV resistant, so you can even use them outdoors!

Little do some people know, how versatile these faux stone panels really are.  They can be used for so many things.  Here is just a brief list of some ideas:

  1. Pillar Covers. Sometimes you just need to spruce up the plain look.  Here is a great example of how much character these stone panels add to the bottom of the pillars on the front of this home:
  2. FD faux stone front of house

  3. Accent Wall. Accent walls are highly desired for a variety of reasons: they add a unique touch, they show case something specific (fireplace, paintings, photographs, TV, etc.), and they also help delineate certain living areas from another; such as in an open layout concept.
  4. FD faux brick fireplace

  5. Man Cave. A man cave should be cave-like, right?  Many people use faux stone paneling on the interior of their man cave to make it feel authentic and even make the ladies jealous.
  6. man cave

  7. Up the Stairway. The faux stone wall up the stairway gives a unique contrast to the modern staircase:
  8. Retaining Wall. Faux stone panels provide an excellent alternative to expensive building materials in the case of a retaining wall.
  9. Kitchen backsplash. Because the panels are impervious to moisture, you do not have to worry about cooking spills and splashes. They can easily be wiped off, and come in fire rated versions so they are safe to be placed around a heat source.
  10. Kitchen Island. What a way to transform a dull kitchen island through the simple addition of faux stone panels.

Head to our ‘Applications’ section on our website to find out even more ways faux stone paneling can be used either on the interior or exterior of your home or business!