Faux brick paneling is highly coveted by those looking to undertake a renovation project.  It is extremely affordable, easy to install by even the most novice of individuals, and lasts for years and years to come.  If you are looking to transform the interior or exterior of your home, you can inexpensively and easily do so with faux brick paneling.

Read on to see the top ways that people are utilizing it to its fullest potential.

  1. Accent Walls.  Probably the most common use for faux brick paneling is by creating a gorgeous accent wall.  Accent walls are ideal for highlighting specific features on a wall, such as a piece of art, fireplace, or photography.  They are also great in open concept floor plans in order to delineate one room from the next.
  2. Kitchen Backsplash. More and more people are staying away from traditional tiled backsplashes.  Faux brick paneling is a great option because it is extremely resilient.  No matter what splashes on them, it will wipe right off.  No messy grout, and you can put it in by yourself!  It adds a unique and gorgeous texture to the room without completely overdoing it.
  3. FD faux brick kitchen backsplash

  4. Bathroom. Adding faux brick to the interior of a shower or around the tub can drastically change the appearance.  While many people choose stone or tile for a bathroom, brick can add a rustic chic vibe you never knew you wanted.  Faux brick panels are great for the bathroom because the high moisture area will not affect their longevity.  They are made from polyurethane, and by nature a closed cell material.  No rot, no mold, and no mildew!
  5. Landscaping. Faux brick panels look amazing when implemented in common landscape design.  You can create a gorgeous retaining wall, create a waterfall, or use it around a pool.
  6. Exterior of Home. Have you always dreamt of having a gorgeous Chicago brick home, but never been able to afford it?  Simple, just add Faux Direct’s Chicago Brick faux brick paneling to achieve the exact same look.  Our panels are UV resistant and designed to withstand the effects of weather, both hot and cold.
  7. Along a Staircase. Sometimes certain walls just need a little extra something to spice them up and make them unique.  Many people opt to apply faux brick paneling along the wall up a staircase to add texture and originality.