Who ever said that it has to cost a lot of time or money to make your business or home stand out? Exterior or interior walls are typically forgotten spaces that can add an incredible amount of style and class if done right. Flip through interior design magazines or apps like Houzz and you will see example after example of how people have made their walls a point of focus. Many of these examples showcase walls covered in brick, stone, wood, or a mix of all of those. Using those products can get incredibly expensive and labor-intensive when using real brick, stone, or wood though. So how can you achieve high-class style results on a much smaller budget and scale?

Three words: faux wall panels. Faux wall paneling provides the look and feel of real brick, stone, and wood without the same labor, cost, and maintenance required with the real materials. These faux wall panels are made of high-density polyurethane plastic that creates an attractive design and gives off an authentic feel that will leave your guests unable to tell whether it’s real or not. because of how lightweight and easy to install these panels are, faux wall paneling is a quick, simple solution that can be done on a budget and accomplished without having to hire contractors or extensive labor.


Faux wall panels can have many uses at your home or office. They are an excellent way to take the tall wall behind your fireplace and transform it to give it a cozy and romantic feel, something that would remind you of being tucked away in a cabin in the mountains. Or maybe you want to add a level of class to a wine cellar or wine storage room to give it an authentic feel. Want to add some brick to your exterior to spruce up your curb appeal? Faux brick panels are a perfect way to refresh any exterior.

Faux wall panels have many uses for your business as well and can help give off a truly unique vibe that will help set yourself apart and leave your guests remembering your space. Environment plays a major role in facilitating and creating how we feel, so use faux wall panels to help set your visitors moods just right. Make your automotive shop feel cleaner and more inviting with a few simple faux Diamond Plate panels. Cover the inside of your restaurant with faux Bamboo or Wood panels to make your guests feel like they have been whisked across the world during their dining experience. Add some unique faux stone panels to any waiting room to add warmth and comfort.

Using faux wall panels can take any wall from drab to fab, or cold to comfort, and make them truly stand out from the rest. Whether in your home, office, or anywhere, give your guests something to talk about with your unique walls utilizing faux wall panels from www.fauxdirect.com.