The fourth of July is finally here.  The long awaited holiday where people have a great excuse to whip out all of their red, white and blue clothing, drink too much beer, eat too many hot dogs, wear not enough sunscreen, and stay up too late on a work night watching fireworks light up the sky.  After all, nothing says ‘Murica quite like a Bud Light and some Jimmy Buffet playing from the boat speakers.

american flagIf you really want to show people how American you are, and go just one step further, you can even make sure that the products you are purchasing are from the good ole’ US of A.  There are many reasons why people like to purchase products made in the United States.  One of them are foreign labor standards.  Some other countries do not always provide the highest working conditions for their workers.  With American made products, you can rest assured that the working conditions are safe and child labor laws are in place.  Another reason is to support paying people for an honest day’s work.  In other countries, there are not always minimum wage laws in place, and people are being far underpaid for the amount of work they put in.  The processes used to manufacture American goods are very safe and clean for the environment.  Other countries will use dangerous as well as highly polluting products when manufacturing their goods.

uncle samAnother reason it is great to purchase American made products is to lower our trade deficit.  The more we rely on other countries for our goods, the more in debt we go.  Debt, as you are aware, is simply no bueno.  Finally, it is important to recognize that when you purchase products made in America, you are helping to keep jobs in America.  This is extremely important for your generation and generations to come, as we can rely more on ourselves rather than other countries for our sustainability.

At Faux Direct, we pride ourselves on our American made products.  Each and everything we offer is manufactured and produced right here on American soil.  If you want to exercise your patriotism and help keep America great, then purchase goods made right here in the US at Faux Direct.  We have everything you need to make your next home or business remodeling project great, including faux brick, faux stone, and faux wood paneling.  Check em’ out in the ‘Products’ section on our main page.

God bless the USA!