Every single person on this planet likes to save a buck here and there.  Even the wealthy people.  Actually, sometimes the wealthiest people are also the stingiest people.  Although it is probably more of a generosity issue, it just goes to show that people understand the value money brings and try not to overspend in any way they can.  One way people can really put a hole in their bank account is during a remodeling or redecorating process.  One step inside Restoration Hardware? Forget it.  There goes Aunt Susie’s Christmas gift and your daughter’s summer camp tuition.  What if there were a way to actually save money during the remodeling process?  Would you believe us?

FD faux brick fireplace

Well, you should.  When it comes to a remodel, say a bathroom, kitchen island, fireplace, or even exterior of your home, you can actually save money by using faux stone rather than authentic stone.  Most people are aware of how expensive authentic stone is.  Once installed, it will run you anywhere from $25-$40 per square foot.  Not only do you have to pay for the stone itself, but also the materials (mortar, tool rentals, machine rentals), and the labor costs.  Unless you are Mr. Handyman, you probably won’t be completing the stone installation all by your lonesome.

This is where faux stone panels step in to save the day. Our faux stone panels at Faux Direct are extremely cost efficient.  They are constructed from a high quality polyurethane rather than authentic stone, and this is what gives them their attractive low price.  They are extremely lightweight, so you can actually install them all by yourself.

Are you picking up what we are throwing down?

Yep, that’s right: NO labor costs!

Another money saving feature?  The only thing required to install is either caulk or glue and standard tools.

Last but not least, these bad boys are made right here in the good ole’ US of A.  Not only will you be supporting our National economy, but this cuts down on the costs even further because everything is manufactured and shipped right from our soil.  Uncle Sam will be smiling down on you when you choose Faux Direct faux stone panels versus imported, expensive stone for your next home or business remodel.  Look no further if you are looking for a few ways to save a buck or two!