Warm color schemes such as sunset yellows, reds, tans, and oranges add comfort and warmth to your kitchen’s atmosphere. The number of possible color schemes may seem endless and overwhelming so here are 11 excellent combinations to consider to get you started.

1. Butter and Khaki
Peaceful shades around the perimeter of your busy kitchen can help add a sense of calm to your space. A soft, buttery yellow shade combined with a warm khaki hue for cabinets can soften the atmosphere and create a welcoming area. To further accentuate the colors, consider adding woven baskets, wooden items, and copper pots as finishing touches.

2. Eggplant and Sage
A muted sage shade paired with a vivid eggplant hue as an accent make a perfect combination. The shades compliment each other nicely to create a warm but energized atmosphere.

3. Cherrywood and Daffodil
Daffodil colored cabinets ensure bright, lively mornings. To take full advantage of daffodil’s lovely brightness without creating too loud of a space, consider complimenting it with cherrywood barstools and a cherrywood island.

4. Pumpkin and Navy
Walls with a vibrant pumpkin hue paired with a few navy colored accents create an inviting, lively space. To further increase the visual appeal of this combo, considering including stainless-steel appliances and white trim.

5. Mocha, White, and Ginger
Cabinets with a white finish are popular for their bright, light-reflecting properties and crisp, clean appearance. Although white is a stunning cabinet choice, it creates a coldness without the proper accents. A ginger ceiling with deep mocha wood accents adds warmth and depth to optimize white’s visual appeal.

6. Gold, Khaki, and Chocolate
A rich chocolate brown pops against a gold-toned ceiling and cabinets with a light khaki finish. To accent, consider using metal light fixtures to play against the gold ceiling.

7. Orange, Turquoise, and Navy
Burnt orange walls and navy – opposite on the color wheel – accents offer a high-contrast, can’t-miss design that is still inviting and soft. Additional accents in robin’s-egg blue add further depth to this powerful color duo.

8. Persimmon, Yellow, and Mahogany
A mix of cool and warm shades such as persimmon, yellow, and mahogany create a high level of interest while still creating warm surroundings. Consider featuring bright yellow walls and cabinets balanced with touches of persimmon and mahogany.

9. Greige and Gold
Greige – a combination of gray and beige – offers a neutral hue with warm undertones.
A mix of greige and honey gold cabinets along with a greige accent wall and stainless steel appliances offers a stunning outcome.

10. Beige and Brick Red
Deep reddish-orange hues create a warm, rich presence. Vibrant red cabinets mixed with cool beige to offset the extreme warmth of the shocking red tones create a visually stimulating pair.

11. Moss, White, and Cocoa
Brown, the warmest color in terms of neutrals, creates a rich, easygoing feeling. Brown walls with soft moss accents and white furnishings come together to form a memorable kitchen space.

Final Thoughts

Combining the right colors can increase the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and help make your family and guests feel at ease. Consider incorporating one of the color combinations mentioned above to make your
a warm, inviting space.