Measurements & Types of Faux Wall Panels

You can choose between standard or interlocking panels. Standard panels are 8 sq/ft and interlocking panels are 7 sq/ft. Each panel is roughly 2’x4’ and 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch thick

Interlocking panels are created in a way that allows them to cover the wall in a limitless area without any visible seams. We have over 10 panels with this option

In the case of stone or brick, you would want to avoid the seamless look in order to create a realistic appearance. You have the ability to create the exact design you are going for

Faux Direct panels are relatively 5-6 lbs each.

There are over 50 options to choose from, currently including: wood, stone, and brick, and that number grows every month!

Yes, there are corner pieces available that are created to match any of the available faux panel options.

Yes, you will receive a 25-year finish/50-year material warranty with the purchase of your Faux Direct Faux Wall Panels. We are geared toward providing 100% customer satisfaction.

Faux Wall Panels by Faux Direct are safe for all members of the family, are created without VOC, and do not “off gas” any formaldehyde. No Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is obligated with our synthetic siding.

You will be able to curve the panels a minimal of 4” in its length. Add cuts every inch to the back of the panel for an extra bending ability.

Usability of Faux Direct Faux Wall Panels

Faux Direct paneling can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our faux paneling was designed to withstand the effects of weather, hot & cold, wet or dry. They are also made to resist damage caused by insects and water, and are UV resistant.

Yes, they are safe to use in the kitchen and bathroom as a backsplash and can be easily cleaned with gentle soap and water.

Yes, they can be used in damp places such as basements and fruit cellars without touching the longevity of the panels. Because the Faux Wall Panels were created to withstand the effects of weather, they are resistant to water

Yes, our Faux Wall Panels work for pools, ponds and waterfalls. They are also safe for pets, wildlife, and animals in general. Certain chemicals, like chlorine, can potentially damage the finish on our paneling over time though. (The warranty of the panels does not cover the finish.)

Although our panels have been used for various flooring purposes, such as tradeshows, fairs, and temporary setups, they have not been designed for use with every day foot traffic.

Yes, but only the fire-rated Faux Wall Panels. These panels were designed with a flash point of over 600 degrees Fahrenheit (315 Celsius) and are ASTM E-84 Class A certified. You would not want to use non fire-rated Faux Wall Panels around extreme heat.

Design in Your Hands with Full Customization with Faux Direct Faux Wall Panels

Any standard tools will work for installing Faux Direct wall panels. Installation is easy for both the beginners and experienced pros. You can check out the resources in our Installation section online.

Our panels can be easily installed with a screwdriver and screws, sandpaper, construction adhesive, a saw for custom cutting, and a caulking gun with color matched caulk.

Although they should easily slide in together, there are incidents where certain edges or corners will need to be sanded with sand paper or a sanding block.

You can decide on any design you want when placing your Faux Wall Panels, such as one design on top and one on bottom.  Use a molding to separate the looks if desired.

Because you are working with synthetic materials, you will not risk cracking or splintering the panels like you would if you were working with authentic stone, brick, or wood.

Yes, you will be able to do so. Please screw into a stud or use a molly if there is drywall behind your panels though.

Proper Storage of Faux Direct Faux Wall Panels

At Faux Direct, we highly recommend keeping your panels on a flat surface in order to keep them from bowing. If they do happen to bow due to improper storage, you can lay them on a flat surface and they will correct themselves

At Faux Direct, we highly recommend storing our panels at no greater than room temperature; this way they are ready for immediate application, even during winter climates.

At Faux Direct, we highly recommend storing our panels at no greater than room temperature; this way they are ready for immediate application, even during winter climates.

Placing Orders & Receiving Samples

You can order in several ways: on our website anytime, by calling (800-795-3119), or by email:[email protected]

You can receive up to as many different samples as you would like. They are taken straight from a regular sized panel so you can see the exact look you will receive. Should you need more samples, you can place an order for samples here.