Wood, although very popular in the design world, is actually pretty difficult to maintain.  Not only is it tricky to properly install (you better hire someone with A++ ratings on Angie’s List), it is much more apt to get damaged than synthetic materials.  Spills, floods, or any sort of moisture?  Forget it.  Your wood will not stand a chance.  So what’s a person supposed to do?  Run around making sure their wood is protected at all times? (That’s what she said.)  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

The solution: faux wood paneling.  Faux wood paneling has durability like no other wood in town.  Why?  Glad you asked!  The faux wood paneling from Faux Direct is constructed from a high quality polyurethane foam and each panel is cast from authentic wood so they look and feel exactly the same.  Polyurethane is a very durable material.  Its surface is impenetrable by moisture.  Because of this, it is mildew, rot, and mold resistant.  Our faux wall panels are also weatherproof! Yep, that’s right.  Each panel is designed to withstand the effects of both hot and cold weather.  Rain, snow, shine, hail, wind, you name it- it will not destroy your faux wood panels.

Are you guys picking up what we are putting down?

Faux wood panels are revolutionary!  You can have faux wood siding, a faux wood kitchen island, a faux wood accent wall, and so many other applications and it will not be destroyed by any types of moisture!  This is unheard of people.  Use it indoors or out, your faux wood paneling will look amazing for years to come.  We also have fire-rated faux wood panels that are designed to use around heat sources like fireplaces and stoves.

In addition to faux wood panels being very durable, they are also very affordable.  You will spend a fraction of the cost of installing wood in your home by going faux vs. authentic.  The panels themselves are very affordable, and you do not need expensive tools or machines.  All you need is either caulk or glue, and a few standard tools.  The best part?  You can actually install them all by yourself in one single afternoon DIY project!  This means NO labor costs.  You will be the one that gets to step back and admire the handiwork knowing you completed it all by yourself.

Protect your wood from moisture by opting for faux wood vs. real wood on your next home renovation project!