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    • Chicago Brick Panel


      Want to spice up your living area or workspace without spending a lot of time or money? Try our Chicago Brick Panels in Bold Rouge Dusted, Bordeaux, or Rich Brown Brick. These various color options offer the perfect combination of functionality and durability while still having the natural allure of brick.

      Our Bold Rouge Dusted faux brick panel is the lightest color option we offer. With pink undertones complimented by shades of white it is the perfect way to add a calming sensation to any room. The second color option, the Bordeaux faux brick panel, is a beautiful mix of tan and peach. This faux brick panel would be a tasteful addition to an office area, kitchen or bedroom. Our Brown Brick color option is the most traditional of the three, able to harmonize with numerous color schemes in almost any setting.

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    • Chicago Brick Corner


      Chicago Faux Brick Corners are the perfect finishing touch to any design scheme you may have in mind! Our brick corners complement our faux brick wall panels beautifully, adding just the right amount of chic style. Perfect for a kitchen, bedroom, or outdoor patio!

      Our brick corners are made of the same durable polyurethane as our faux wall panels, giving them the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as normal daily use. They require little to no maintenance and are easy to install! Ideal for both indoor and outdoor living areas, we are certain you’ll be pleased with your faux brick corners!

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    2 items