Who doesn’t love a good plant?  Besides Scrooge, the Grinch, Voldemort (I mean, He Who Must Not Be Named), and anyone else who just simply hates life, we can all pretty much agree that plants are awesome.  They add a pop of color while livening up a space and cleaning the air simultaneously (inexpensively).  Doesn’t get much better than that.  This is why they are considered the interior designer’s ‘secret weapon’.

Many people say they won’t use plants as decor because they “don’t have a green thumb” or because they kill everything they touch.

Hear ye hear ye.

I was once one of you, until I educated myself.  The secret to not killing plants is to choose the proper plant for the space.  Although we are the faux wall paneling experts, and we love all things faux brick, faux stone, and faux wood, we are going to give you some tips on how to choose the right plants for the specific area you are decorating. 

Best Plants for an Office Space

Most office spaces have minimal to zero lighting.  A great way to make that a little less depressing is by adding plants to your desk.  Some plants that will thrive in little to no light and water:

Spider Plant.  Don’t let their name fool you! They look nothing like a spider.

Snake Plant.  These things are practically immortal.


Best Plants for a Living Room

Unlike the office, your living room hopefully gets indirect sunlight throughout the day.  Here are some great plants that don’t need tons of light, but thrive with several hours of indirect sunlight per day:

Cacti.  Cacti do great in natural light and only have to be watered once a week!

Air plants.  Air plants are great because they don’t even require soil!  You can literally stick them in whatever you please, and the only maintenance they require is to be dunked in water for 2-3 hours every 10 days or so.

Best Plants for a Bathroom

Why not have plants in your bathroom?  Bathrooms have feelings too, ya know.  They can totally be spruced up with the addition of a plant.  The following are great because they need little water maintenance, but do great in a humid environment:


Succulents do need sunlight, so if your bathroom doesn’t have a window then this is not an option for you.  If it does, however, you’re in the clear.  These bad boys hardly need water (once per week), love light, and are less work than a Tamagotchi.


If your bathroom has little to no light, then this is the plant for you.  In addition to needing very little water, they are considered “lucky”!



Give these a shot, and you’ll quickly amaze yourself at your newfound ‘green thumb’ abilities!