If your business involves patient care, have you ever put a lot of thought into your overall office design?  Studies have shown that the ambiance of your office can make a huge impact on your patients’ overall comfort as well as help to diminish any associated anxiety.  After all, getting your cavities filled, blood drawn, or yearly physical isn’t necessarily most people’s top choice of how they would spend their day.  Many people can enter a physician office feeling rather fearful, and be instantly calmed simply by the environment alone.

The following qualities of physician offices have been found to help set people at ease: strong aesthetic appeal (such as soft paint colors, accent walls, comfortable furniture), soft music playing, trickling water in the background (from waterfalls mounted on the walls or stand alone), as well as a nice smell.  What feature(s) could you bring to your office that are currently lacking?  Do you feel that any of the aforementioned might help to set your patients’ minds at ease?

faux stone dental officeAt Faux Direct, we have the product for you: faux wall paneling.  Imagine adding a faux brick accent wall behind the patient check in desk, or even a faux stone paneled waterfall right near the front entryway.  You can use faux wood paneling to create a beautiful wainscoting down the hallways as well as in each patient room.  Any of our faux panel options would make an excellent addition to your office, depending your specific style and vibe you are looking to give off.

Many people love using faux wall paneling to up their physician office aesthetic appeal due to its affordability and ease of application.  It will not require you to shut down or close off different areas of your office, as they are applied easily within several hours.  They cost a fraction of the price of authentic brick, stone, and wood as well.  Each of our panels are made from polyurethane, which is a synthetic material.  Each panel is cast from the authentic (stone, brick or wood) beginning in foam form.  Once dried, it takes on the exact appearance of its authentic counterpart.  So, despite the material being synthetic, it looks and feels completely real.  Last but not least?  They will last for years to come.  All of our faux wall panels are resistant to mold, mildew, and rot.  They are also UV resistant and weatherproof, should you choose to place them outdoors on your office exterior or on the monument sign.  The addition of faux wall panels to your physician office will absolutely add aesthetic appeal to the design and set your patients’ minds at ease.