Captivate Your Audiences with Classic Designs and Soaring Walls of Stone

In the performing arts industry, you understand more than anyone the need to captivate your audience.  Faux Direct faux paneling will allow you to make your dreams a reality by providing a realistic setting for your stage.  Sing in front of a cobble stone wall or dance down a brick corridor for a fraction of the cost spent on conventional building supplies.

The faux panels are light weight and easy to install, and can be done on your own in a single afternoon.  No need to hire an expensive labor team or take away from rehearsal and performing time.  Blow your audience away with the artistic allure provided by faux panels from Faux Direct.


  • Lightweight & easy application
  • Made to withstand all types of weather; hot & cold
  • Made in the USA
  • Production & shipping within 3-5 business days

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