Having an outdoor kitchen may seem like an unattainable goal.  These are often viewed as luxury items considering the amount of money and time that must be put into it.  When people are designing their homes, priorities must be made.  Because of this, the outdoor kitchen often gets the boot.  This does not have to be the solution if you play your cards right and budget properly.  Knowing how to select your materials carefully and wisely can land you the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

How does one accomplish this, you ask?

We are glad you asked.

The first step in creating an outdoor kitchen on a budget is by choosing faux stone paneling over authentic stone.  This is the main price point when creating an outdoor kitchen, as authentic stone can run you a hefty bill.  Not only is the stone itself expensive, but the materials needed to assemble the stone and labor costs involved add even more of a total to the bill.  Faux stone paneling costs a fraction of the price and can be installed on your own.  Each panel is extremely lightweight, and only requires a few standard tools and caulk.  Check out our faux stone options in our ‘Products’ section to choose which stone would look the best for your outdoor kitchen.

Now that that’s covered, you need to find a kitchen island base that you can add the faux stone paneling to.  These can often be found at resale stores and even craigslist.  Also look for countertops and used sinks at places like ReStore by Habitat for Humanity.  You’d be surprised at the good quality items available out there, you just have to search for them.  The time you spend on this will be well worth it when you consider the amount of money you will save.  If there’s one item you want to splurge on, do it on the grill.  And even so, this does not need to cost you an arm and a leg.  Shop around Holidays to get sales or on websites such as overstock.com.

Your end result will be a gorgeous outdoor kitchen created on a total budget that can be used for entertaining for years to come.  You will be so proud of your hard work, and rest assured that any luxury that previously may not have been viewed as attainable, can indeed be, as long as you choose the right materials and budget properly.

Look at these gorgeous outdoor kitchens all created through faux wall paneling:


FD outdoor kitchen


faux brick outdoor kitchen