You want to know the secret ingredient to making your business a success?  Be different. (In a good way, of course.) People like creative, unique things.  There is a reason celebrities are naming their kids things like North and Kulture.  They don’t ‘fit in’ with everyone else. Being different sparks questions and demands attention.  It makes you stand out. We’ve compiled a few tips for making your office or your business stand out, and make it so people remember you like Lady Gaga’s hair.

  1. Eye catching logo. Graphics and design are everything nowadays.  More and more people are shopping right from their phones!  It is easy, convenient, and fast. If you want your brand to stand out, you must have an eye catching logo.  Something that people will remember and know you for. Take Apple for example. You can hardly eat the fruit now without thinking of Macintosh and how they have basically taken over the world.
  2. Unique design. Now that retail space is more important than ever, for your physical storefront, you will want to have a unique interior (and exterior) design. Do something creative like use faux stone paneling along the interior walls of the store.  It will look amazing and make a lasting impression on your customers. And best of all, faux panels are affordable and easy to install.
  3. Awesome website. Your website is also important.  People want a fast way to get information, and your website is a great way to accomplish this.  Implement a mixture of images and text, enough to get your overall message across. Make sure your website is mobile friendly, or you will probably drive away a majority of potential business.
  4. Creative incentive.  People want to feel special, and nothing says special like free stuff.  Put together fun programs and contests on your social media sites. Do random drawings and give away free goods for the winners.  Post interesting and exciting information, and incentivize people to like and share your posts. This will only promote yourselves online and increase the number of people who learn about your brand.
    We hope these tips are able to help out your business! If you are in the retail business, we cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure you have a great-looking storefront and interior. If you need helping choosing faux panels that would work with “your look” give us a call!