When updating or building your home, there are many ways to ensure that your home is safe for the environment in which it is built. Faux wall paneling is one of these ways. Incorporating faux wall paneling that is developed in the United States, like those offered by Faux Direct, cuts down on the depletion of natural resources that would be used in traditional paneling. As opposed to shipping internationally, buying products that are made in America can really cut down on the amount of emissions that are created in the process. Looking to take that next step towards a truly sustainable home? Below are a few other tips that can will make you and the Earth healthier over time! 

  1. Organic Fabrics

When you stop and think about it, there are certain fabrics that come in contact with your skin constantly. Bed sheets, towels and furniture covers can be touching our skin for hours at a time. Seek out products that are easier on your skin and that won’t emit toxins into the air you are breathing. Check out Boll and Branch for products that are 100 percent certified organic and certified by Fair Trade.

  1. Let there be Light

One great change you can make that will save you energy and money is to change the lightbulbs in your home or apartment to LED bulbs. LED light bulbs reduce the amount of energy that you are using by more than 80 percent and will end up lasting up to 25 percent longer than regular bulbs.

  1. Refurbish & Reuse

Reclaimed wood and recycled metals have been growing design trends if you are looking for a more natural look in your space. Incorporating furniture made with all natural and reclaimed materials can also improve your air quality and cut down on the amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) being unknowingly put off by your furniture. When considering big furniture purchases, invest in companies that are investing in the health of the environment. Arhaus is one such company that makes their dining and kitchen tables from materials that are certified by the sustainable forest initiative and made from reclaimed resources.

  1. Organic Cleaning

Did you know that you can make your own cleaning products that are cleaner and safer you than the commercialized products that you are used to? In reality, the cleaning solutions that you find at the store may be adding unnecessary toxic chemicals into the air in our homes. For a simple earth-friendly solution, mix together white vinegar and water to create a safer and just as effective cleaner. If buying is simply easier than making, look to purchase products that are green friendly. Greenshield Organic is just one example of a company that creates products with health and sustainability in mind.