Have you ever heard the term ‘work smarter not harder’ ? This is the term given for the idea that you can actually do less, but still be just as (if not more) profitable.  When it comes to home renovations, this term is your best friend.  The last thing you want to do is spend hours and hours on a project that could have been done in a fraction of the time.  Neither do you want to put in a ton of hard effort and spend tons of money on something that had an easier alternative.  Are we right or are we right?

So, how does one accomplish such a thing?

With faux wall paneling, of course.

Faux wall paneling is the ideal way to complete a home renovation or remodeling project with little to no work involved.  Let’s think about this for a second.  How long do you think a typical stone fireplace project would take, for instance?   Not to mention, how much money would you have to spend? Something like this:

faux stone fireplaceIt would probably take several weeks to complete.  You would have to spend a great deal of money on stone, as well as pay a contractor to install it.  There would be lots of stone cutting and a huge mess associated with all of the grout and mortar to put it up.  The end result would be gorgeous, but lots of work would have been put into it as well as lots of money spent.  Umm, no thanks!

With faux stone paneling, you can accomplish a project just like a stone fireplace in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost.  Talk about working smarter, not harder!  Faux stone panels from Faux Direct all look and feel extremely real, so you don’t have to worry about compromising on quality or the end result.  Our panels are made from a high quality polyurethane material, and the only giveaway that they aren’t real is how lightweight the panels are.  However, because of this, you can actually install them yourself!  Yep, they are DIY.  All that’s required are a few standard tools and either simple caulking or glue for installation.  A typical faux stone fireplace takes roughly 3-4 hours, or a single afternoon to accomplish.  When it’s all said and done, you will have a huge change that took little work to accomplish looking like this: