Minimalism is one of the defining traits of decor during the previous century. A minimalistic home is one in which space is utilized well in order to create a serene and relaxing home environment. A few simple steps will help you achieve this effect quickly and easily.

Start Small

Begin with a single room. This allows you to get a feel for the minimalist style and see if it’s for you. A guest bedroom is an ideal place to start the process.

Think About Furniture

Furnishings are the biggest thing in any room. You want to use them carefully and effectively. Keep your furniture choices to a bare minimum. Use subdued colors like wood tones that match to keep it pleasing to the eye.

Pare Down

The focus of minimalism is on the essentials. You want to keep to this ideal. Think about each item in the room. If you don’t need it, sell it, donate it or throw it out. Don’t keep things you don’t need.

Look at Your Flooring

Flooring is one of the most vital elements of modern minimalism. You want to be able to see your flooring the second you walk inside. Eliminate anything you have stacked on the floor. A small storage unit tucked away in a closet can help keep the space tidy.

All Surfaces Should be Clear

One of the goals of minimalism is to allow people to appreciate the beauty of objects they have. To this end, all surfaces should be clear. Show off your choice of furniture pieces by removing anything sitting on top and blocking the way of its beauty.

Use Walls Well

Another factor to consider is the use of the walls in the space. For example, faux brick panels can help provide lots of texture at very little cost. Faux brick panels also bring a natural element into the space that helps bring the outdoors inside. The other upside of faux brick panels, they add a lot to the room without taking any extra space or adding any clutter.


Perhaps the most important way to get a look that is entirely minimalistic is by clearing out as much clutter as possible. Clutter gets in the way of the desired result. All surfaces in the room should be cleared away so as to allow the entire space to look clean and crisp.

Keep Decorations Minimal

As with other aspects of this style of decor, the aim is to keep it light and keep it simple. All your art should be about the minimal use of color. Stick to one or two key colors for all decorative components including rugs and any wall hangings. Any patterns that you add to the room should also follow these rules. Small scale is best. Avoid using larger patterns like florals, checkered patterns and stripes. These can bring the feel of clutter and may interfere with the overall look. The same goes for window treatments. Always use natural materials when possible.