Hallways can tend to feel a bit drab, especially when you do not know what to do with the space. Contrary to popular belief, however, the hallway is just as important as the rest of your home.  After all, hallways are the spaces that connect you to each room.

No matter what type of hallway you are working with: long, short, narrow, wide, you can make it just as special as the rest of your house.  Here’s how:

  1. A Colorful Rug. Adding this feature is a great way to make a narrow hallway feel wider.  It adds a bold, powerful pop of color that will immediately transform the space.  If you can’t find one long enough, consider piecing several together to create your very own runner.
  2. Wall Gallery. This is a popular feature in hallway design, and reasonably so.  The hallway walls can be the place to display family photos, arranged in gallery style.  Use matching frames for a classic look, or mismatching colors and sizes for an eclectic look.  You can also mix and match to add artwork too.  Consider adding three dimensional objects and hang them on the wall to add something unexpected.
  3. Faux Wall Paneling. A great way to take a wall and transform it instantly is by adding texture.  Faux wall paneling is a great way to do this, because you can add the look of stone, brick, or wood without paying the typical prices for it.  The panels are made from a synthetic material and designed to look exactly like the real deal, and they make a bold statement when placed on a wall.
  4. If you have a wide hallway, lucky for you.  Take advantage of this space by adding built in cabinetry.  You can use the space to store linens as well as display additional photos and artwork.
  5. Pendant Lighting. Most hallways do not have much lighting, so artificial lighting is required.  Instead of traditional lights, consider adding pendant lights to make a statement.  To really go above and beyond, hang several matching ones in a row, lining the hallway ceiling.
  6. This is not only a great design element, but a great wall protective barrier as well.  Because a hallway is a heavy traffic area, this feature is highly sought after.  Use faux wood paneling to create a gorgeous wainscoting all by yourself!