Are you looking for trendy new ideas for your home? What about a weather updating, voice-activated, personal assistant that pours your coffee for you? If that’s not your style, don’t worry. The design trends of 2017 have a little something for everyone. In fact, here are a few things you might see more of in homes everywhere in 2017.

Brushed Brass

In recent times, brass has made a bit of a comeback. Even more recently, designers have transformed the idea of shiny brass by polishing away the reflective finish. This is called satin brass or brushed brass, and it gives a warmer feel to the room.

Personal Voice-Activated Assistants

Voice assistants have been spoken of a lot recently, becoming increasingly popular in 2017. With the ability to await your commands, these voice assistants can turn on your music, power the lights, or start up the hot tub.

Converted Vanity Tables

Finding the right pre-made vanity for your home can be difficult. If you are having a hard time finding the right one, try finding an old chest of drawers or a vintage console. Converting an older piece to a unique vanity has become common practice and can be both simple and affordable.

Storage Walls in the Kitchen

Open space is a big desire nowadays especially for those who love to entertain. Because of this, many homeowners are doing away with multiple walls of cabinets that make a room feel more closed in. Instead, they are keeping cabinetry to a single wall, and adding storage in other places such as island drawers or open shelving that keeps the space feeling open.

White and Off-White

A white room is refreshing, but too much white can be too clean. You can balance your white palette with off-white shades or other airy natural hues to create a cozy space that feels open and clean, but not sterile.

More Green

One of the biggest colors of 2017 is green, and it seems to be an instant classic. For those seeking to bring a little nature indoors, green brings a certain zest into the home, working well with wooden tones.

Indoor Outdoor Styled Showers

A great way to get that outdoor shower feel without worrying about the elements is to design an indoor shower with the look of an outdoor shower. It creates an intimate spa-like atmosphere right in your own bathroom while still maintaining privacy. For an easy transition from bland shower to spa shower, try adding faux brick or faux stone panels to create a warm environment with an outdoorsy feel.

Islands that Contrast

White has been a dominant kitchen color for years, but recent studies show white on white can seem too sterile. This color issue can be easily combated by painting the kitchen island with a darker, contrasting color. Gray is a very popular option for this right now and is great for adding a bit of warmth while still keeping that light airy feel.

Bathrooms with Wainscoting

Painted wooden panels in the bathroom are becoming quite popular this year. Traditional wood, tile, or wainscoting breaks up the monotony, adding interest to the bathroom. Wainscoting is especially simple and affordable. The large sheets once cut to size are simply glued or nailed to the wall, finished at the top with a trim piece, seems are caulked, and then the panels are painted to your choice of color.

Pendant Lights on the Bedside

Table lamps are a thing of the past. Pendant lights offer freed up bedside space and can be a benefit in smaller rooms.

Coffee Stations

Homeowners everywhere are beginning to add built-in coffee stations to their kitchens. Who wouldn’t want a warming drawer for cups and mugs? Or a space designed specifically to house their coffee pot? For a true, coffee shop feel, you can add a faux brick panel accent wall behind your coffee station, making it a unique and stylish focal point.

Bedrooms with Romantic Colors

Most bedrooms are painted in cozy colors like grays or blues, but recent studies have shown that romantic colors are one of the most desired colors for a master bedroom. Colors like deep reds or caramel can make a room seem more romantic and intimate.

Breezy Dutch Doors

Dutch doors allow a smooth breeze to blow into the home while keeping kids and pets safely indoors. These doors can be placed in entryways or even kitchens.

Chairs that Hang

Hanging chairs haven’t been in the spotlight for a while, but they are making quite the comeback in the home. These chairs can be found in the living room or even bedrooms to really create a fun modern space and make a statement.