Ledger Installation

You can install our ledgers on virtually any clean, flat surface—indoor or outdoor! If you are installing these ledgers with our faux wall panels, make sure to install the wall panel first then the ledgerso the ledger can go on top as a decorative finish

  • Start the installation process by washing off the surface you will be attaching your ledger to. You can clean the surface by wiping off any build up with a wet cloth or by using a wire brush if necessary. You will also need to clean off the backside of the ledger you will be installing. Your ledger will need to be exposed to the same temperature and humidity levels as the wall it will be attached to for 24 hour prior to installation. Additionally, the ledgers should not be placed in direct sunlight or near hot surfaces prior to installation
  • Decide where you want your ledger to be and how you would like it to look. Miter the corners of the Ledger accordingly. Trim the Ledger to fit the space you are installing it in, removing an extra 1/16” if a visible grout line is desired.
  • Prior to applying adhesive, place the ledger on the surface it will be attached to in order to ensure a correct fit. Then apply two drops of Construction Adhesive on the back of the Ledger.
  • Put a large drop of textured caulk at the top of the faux wall panel where the ledger will be applied. Place ledger on surface/ wall making sure that it is securely fastened.
  • Use screws or finish nails to complete Ledger installation, place screws about 16” apart or as you see necessary. Nails or screws should be recessed just below the surface level of the faux wall panel. Make sure you do not over tighten screws.

Alternate Installation Method Using Glue Only
(no screws or nails)

  • Begin the process by referring to steps 1-4 listed above
  • Use Great Stuff Pro Adhesive to install ledger. Place a large droplet of adhesive to the backside of the ledger. Be sure to follow all the instructions listed on the Great Stuff Pro Adhesive can and wear appropriate protective gear.
  • Before placing the ledger on the faux wall panel you must put a large drop of textured caulk on the top of the panel. You can then place your ledger on top of the panel, making sure it is secure.
  • Continue with the normal installation process by finishing with steps 9 & 10 listed above.Important Info: Make sure you follow all safety guidelines when installing these panels and to always adhere to all building codes enforced in your area. Never install faux wall panels near heat sources.