If you had to describe ambience, in one word, how would you do so?

Ambience: the character or atmosphere of a place.

Well, by definition, every single interior has an ambience.  The question, therefore, lies in whether or not it’s a good one.  Do you feel that your home has an ambience worth talking about?  Would you say it is good, so so, or could use some help?  Most people agree that the interior of their home could use a little work.  The Spring is often the time that people go to work on a renovation project or two in order to make it happen.

Well, folks, Spring has certainly sprung, so it is time to get off our butts and enhance our interior ambience.  If you aren’t sure where to begin, read on for some ideas.

  1. Proper Paint Color. This has everything to do with the mood and feel of the interior of the home.  What vibe are you looking to give off?  Lighter, neutral colors make a room feel peaceful, serene, and often larger than it really is.  Darker colors tend to make a space feel darker, smaller, and more closed off.  However, for some people this is the ambience they are looking to achieve.  First, decide what your favorite vibe is, and then choose your paint colors accordingly.
  2. Nice Furniture. After awhile, especially with small children, furniture can look worn and tattered.  It may be time to take those slipcovers into the laundry mat for a good dry cleaning.  Or, it may even be time to invest in some new pieces.  Try to stay current with modern trends, as dated furniture can completely throw off an interior ambience.
  3. Faux Stone Fireplacewhitelogo

  4. Interior Features. When we say features, we are referring to unique things that not every house has.  For example, not everyone has a fireplace, kitchen backsplash, or a stone shower.  Choose one or two interior features you would love to have in your home, and complete them with faux wall paneling.  You can choose from faux stone, faux brick, or faux wood to get the job done.  The best part is they are DIY and extremely affordable.  Whether you are going for an accent wall, man cave, wine cellar, or a dreamy spa-like bathroom, you will be able to complete it with faux wall paneling.
  5. Wall Art. Are you an avid photographer?  Perhaps you can blow up some of your work onto a canvas or two.  Frame photos and paintings of things you love and describe you and your family.  Or, consider hanging non-traditional things on the wall such as textiles to make a statement. Wall art will complete the look and feel of your interior ambience.