Installing Panels on Metal using Glue

  • Put more adhesive on the lip of your wall panel around an inch away from where the stone begins. This will help attach the next wall panel.
  • Apply textured caulk in between the two panels at the seam. Adding textured caulk to the seam will guarantee a weather – proof seal and prevent any possible damage caused by severe weather.
  • Continue the installation process by repeating the steps previously listed. Place wall panels next to one another by pushing them tightly against each other and the wall. Spread the glue by lightly sliding each panel back and forth. Make sure that each panel is placed snuggly against one another and that they are all level. This is a vital step because panels may expand or contract along with the metal as the temperature rises and falls. Continue to repeat these steps until you have finished putting in the first row.
  • Clean off excess caulk using a wet rag before it dries. Smooth caulk and fill in any holes you may have missed.
  • Repeat the previous steps to install additional rows of wall panels. When installing panels above one another, be sure to place them top to bottom Adhe . re to all building codes when installing your faux wall panel to concrete (a drainage mat may be required). Now you can enjoy your new faux wall panel!Important: Make sure you follow all safety guidelines when installing these panels and to always adhere to all building codes enforced in your area. Never install faux wall panels near heat sources.