People don’t often think of the bathroom as an important room, but it’s actually the most important room in the house. On the average, homeowners spend about four hours a week in their bathrooms. The bathroom is that special place where they to go to relieve themselves not only physically but also mentally an emotionally. Workers take long, hot baths after a hard day’s work, and many men spend time in front of the mirror looking at their assets. It’s not surprising that the 2016 survey that Houzz conducted revealed such staggering numbers when it came to bathroom renovations and expenses. People apparently care very much about their bathrooms. The following is some of the information that the survey collected about the habits of such people.

User Bathroom Habits

The survey was very thorough in that it measured the habits of the people who did the renovations. It asked questions about how many times each person soaked in a bathtub each month and how much time each person spent in the bathroom every day. The majority of survey takers spent at least 30 to 60 minutes in the bathroom every day.

The Reasons That People Remodeled

The survey revealed all the reasons for the remodels. One of the main reasons that consumers remodeled their main bathroom was because they could not bear to look at the other bathroom anymore. Nothing is quite as uncomfortable as a bathroom that you hate. The homeowners who were disgusted with their bathrooms made their changes quickly. The second category of bathroom remodelers did the job because they simply just wanted to do it. Some other reasons that people conducted their renovations were broken items, random inspiration, lifestyle changes and desire to make presale improvements.

Renovation Style

Most people who participated in the survey opted for a contemporary style when they made their changes. Modern, transitional and traditional were the three next most popular choices.

The Set-Aside Budget vs. Actual Expenses

The budget that most homeowners put aside for their renovations did not match the actual expenses that they ended up paying for the work. The budgets ranged from as little as $2,000 to as much as $75,000 as did the actual expenses. Most people’s budget and expenses fell between $10,000 and $25,000.

The Most Popular Changes

The changes that these persons made varied and included changes such as lighting adjustments, flooring textures, shower heads, cabinets, plumbing and more. Most people who got the work done changed the plumbing and the faucet. The next big area of change was the paint. Just a simple change in paint color can make a dull bathroom a lively place where people want to hang out even if they don’t have to tinkle. Flooring, countertops, sinks and showers made the next few groups of renovations. About 87 percent of the people conducted those repairs.

Shower Head Remodeling Styles

As previously mentioned, many people made changes to their shower heads as their main renovations. They replaced their shower heads with a variety of innovative and contemporary choices. Some of the top replacements and shower modifications were items such as rainfall shower heads, dual units, curbless showers, footrests, body sprays and more.

Flooring and Paint

The flooring and paint were two additional areas where homeowners felt that they needed to make major changes. Customers added floor tiles such as ceramic, porcelain, stone, wood, hardwood, laminate and the like. More than 60 percent of the people changed the paint in the room, while 2 percent went for wallpaper.

Bathrooms seem to be very close to the homeowner’s heart. They are one of the first places new homeowners make changes when they move into a new dwelling.