There are a wide variety of kitchen styles that people choose from, but several of them are the most popular.  If you are currently in the process of re-designing your kitchen whether it be an update or a total remodel, you’ve landed in the right place. First, you much choose which kitchen style matches your taste most.

Once you have that selected, then you can start planning on how to execute it.  You will first need to set a budget (and then stick to it!). Decide if you will do the work yourself, hire out, or a little bit of both.  Finally, you will want to select all of your materials for the remodel.

FD faux brick kitchen backsplash

At Faux Direct, we happen to know the most ideal material for any kitchen design: faux wall paneling.  No matter which style of kitchen you choose, faux wall paneling can absolutely be used.  Because it is DIY, installed with everyday tools, and easy to apply, you will save money and time.  Faux stone, faux brick, and faux wood, when chosen properly, can make a gorgeous addition to any kitchen style out there.

Faux Wood:

Faux wood paneling works perfectly in both the Farmhouse Kitchen and the Rustic Kitchen.  Instead of splurging on reclaimed wood, why not use faux instead?  The panels are extremely lightweight, so they are very easy to install.  Use faux wood paneling for ceiling beams, a rustic backsplash, or paneling around the kitchen island.

Faux Brick:

Faux brick paneling works best in both the Modern, Contemporary, and Transitional kitchens. Choose white brick paneling for a sleek modern look, or bright red brick paneling to effortlessly complete a contemporary kitchen.  Transitional kitchens look best with a grey or dark red brick, merging the two styles together.  The panels are fire rated, so they work great around stoves and ovens.

Faux Stone:

The beauty of faux stone paneling is that it will easily compliment any kitchen style, looking the best in both the traditional and cottage kitchen.  The cottage kitchen can be perfected with fieldstone paneling while the traditional kitchen will look out of this world with a stacked stone.  The panels are impervious to moisture, so they are incredibly easy to clean.  This is important to know as a homeowner, especially when using the paneling as a backsplash.

No matter what style of kitchen you are aiming for in your next remodel, incorporating faux wall paneling will complete the look!