Renovating your home can be an exciting albeit stressful experience, especially when a strict budget is involved.  It is possible to renovate on a DIY budget, however, as long as you plan ahead and shop accordingly.  If you do this, your experience should be relatively stress free.  And in the end, think how proud you will be when you can step back and admire the work that your own hands accomplished?  That is one of the most attractive perks about DIY; the knowledge and satisfaction of doing it all by yourself!

  1. Choose Your Materials Wisely. First things first, the main way you can stick to your budget is by wisely choosing your materials.  Materials can either make or break your budget.  For example, you can choose to use a synthetic material such as faux stone paneling rather than use authentic stone for a project like an accent wall.  The difference in choice will literally save you thousands, and you can DIY.  Do your research ahead of time; know what you will need in order to accomplish the projects you are looking to accomplish.  Compare prices, read reviews, and talk to local contractors in the area.
  2. Update an Old Fireplace. This simple renovation will do wonders for the room the fireplace is in.  Simply adding a new material to the existing fireplace will take it from drab to fab instantly.  Fireplaces are sought after features in homes, so you know that by accomplishing this you are only adding value to your house.  This is another perfect example of when faux wall paneling would come in handy.  Look at this fireplace that was done using faux wood paneling:wood fireplace
  3. Re Paint. Adding a fresh coat of paint to a room will go so far.  This is such an easy task, and one that really takes no time at all.  Select your favorite shade of paint from Benjamin Moore and take it to your local home renovation store to color match for free.  Grab some drop cloths, a nice paint brush, a roller, and painting tape and you are good to go!
  4. Give Your Floors a New Look. If you have wood flooring, it may be time to sand them down and re-stain them.  A new varnish will change the look completely, making your floors appear brand new.  Having this feature will also greatly improve your home’s value, and only help you out down the road when you go to sell.