If you are sick of feeling like you’ve entered the 90s every time nature calls, perhaps it is time to upgrade that old bathroom of yours.  If you are ready to take the plunge (pun-intended), congratulations! Remodeling a bathroom isn’t for sissies, as lots of work is involved.  However, with the proper planning, material selection, and execution, it can be accomplished in an easy fashion.


Step #1: Determine What it is You are Trying to Accomplish.  Before taking on a project that will put a decent dent in the ole wallet as well as take up a good amount of your personal time, you must ask yourself the simple question of: “what is it that I want to accomplish as an end result?”  It’s not enough to know you want to remodel your bathroom.  What would your ideal bathroom look like?  If money were no object, what would it have in it?  Is this a master bathroom or a guest bathroom?  How often will it get used?

Step #2: Know Why You are Remodeling.  There are three main reasons people choose to remodel a bathroom: updating the look, resale value, and better functionality with more storage.  If you are simply updating your look, you will focus more on material selection and maybe plumbing fixtures.  If you are doing it solely for resale value, then you need to think less of what you want, and more of what the majority of people would want.  If it’s for better functionality, you will most likely be doing some gutting, rerouting plumbing, and ending up with an entirely new bathroom.

Step #3: Do Your Research & Set a Budget.  First and foremost, know how much money you have to spend.  This is going to help you select materials better, and know what you will be able to do on your own and what you will need to hire out. Try to choose as many DIY projects as you can, such as using faux stone paneling in the shower rather than spending thousands on authentic stone and a contractor.

Step #4: Find a Professional.  Having to hire a professional is completely up to you.  Will it be more time effective and cost effective to have someone do certain things, such as lay tile flooring? Schedule a design consultation first to know your options.  You may be surprised by how much guidance you can receive from a designer as they can help make your vision a reality better than you would on your