Installing a faux stone accent wall is as easy as 1-2-3, pending you follow the directions.  Whether or not you are a rule follower, if you skip a step, you could blow the entire project.  And the overall project is so easy that messing up on it would be the equivalent to ruining a boxed cake mix.

Now that we have totally built up your confidence, read on to discover how to make your dreams of a gorgeous stone accent wall a reality.

  1. Select Your Wall. #duh.  You need to first know where the project is taking place.  An accent wall, or a ‘special feature’ wall, typically showcases something.  Perhaps it’s the fireplace, behind the bed, or behind a large painting.  In the event of a diagonal ceiling, it is typically the tallest wall in the room, and furniture is usually associated so you are seated towards the wall.
  2. Select Your Faux Stone Panels. Head to our ‘Products’ section to choose from the wide variety of faux stone paneling. Keep in mind they will typically take 3-5 weeks to arrive.  If you do not see something you like, reach out to our Customer Service team to create a custom order.
  3. Unbox Your Panels. Your faux stone paneling needs to get used to the temperature and humidity level of the room it is being placed in.  Unbox your panels and allow them to sit out in the air for 24 hours prior to beginning the installation process.  This is imperative to your panels looking the best they can.  Do not skip this step.

FD Stone Accent Wall

  1. Gather Your Tools. You will need either caulk or glue and a few standard tools (i.e. hammer, exacto knife, and a screwdriver).
  2. Follow the Instructions. On our ‘Resources’ page, we have the step-by-step instructions listed out for you.  Pull them up on your computer and print them out.  Follow them closely, as to not jeopardize your project.
  3. Cross Your T’s & Dot Your I Once your panels are up, make sure you go back and touch up any areas that may need to be touched up with the touch up paint kit available on our site.  You can also use the paint to hide visible screws.
  4. Step Back, Take It All In, & Enjoy. Way to go patron, you did it!  Pending you followed these steps, you now have a gorgeous stone accent wall that will look gorgeous for years to come.