This time of year, backyard parties are in full swing.  Whether it’s Memorial Day, The fourth of July, or even a birthday party or family get together, they are taking place every weekend throughout the summer.

plants in backyardIf you plan on hosting a backyard bash this year, read on to see how to host the perfect backyard party.

  1. Backyard Prep. In order to host your party, you will want to make sure your backyard is in tip top shape.  Trim your shrubs, mow the lawn, and set out potted plants.  Have comfortable seating areas like an outdoor sofa and a table to sit and eat at.  You can also consider having a unique feature such as a fire pit or a waterfall by the pool.  This can be easily created as a DIY project using faux stone paneling.  It’s affordable, easy to assemble, and will last through whatever weather the Summer may bring.
  2. Table & Chairs. Have you ever been to a party where people were just awkwardly standing around?  Chances are, there wasn’t enough available seating.  If your couch and table won’t cut it, use folding tables and chairs.  The tables can be covered with nice tablecloths and centerpieces, and the chairs can be spray painted for a fun and different look.
  3. Yummy Food. The days of creepy dried out hamburgers and flat soda are over.  Give your guests food that they will actually enjoy.  Make shish-ka-bobs with chicken, bell peppers, and onions on the grill and serve with a delicious pasta salad.  Have chips and salsa with a veggie tray for munching.  For dessert, use orange peels as dessert bowls to serve sherbet or sorbet.  Offer plenty of water and alcoholic spritzers for the adults.
  4. Set the Vibe with Tunes. Besides standing around and dried out burgers, what else can put a damper on a perfectly good backyard party?  Awkward silence, that’s what.  Use a bluetooth speaker to play music that everyone will enjoy.  It will fill in any silence and set a good vibe for the party.
  5. Fun & Games. Make sure you provide something for your guests to do for fun.  If you have a pool, the kids can swim and play water games.  Set out water guns and water balloons for the kids as well.  For the adults, set out corn hole and offer prizes for the winner of the competition.

If you follow these simple tips, your party will be enjoyed and remembered by all!