In the hustle and bustle of every day life, the LAST thing you want to do is add more to your ever-increasing To-Do list.  Right!?


However, sometimes things around the house just have to get done.  Whether it is regular home ownership maintenance (yard work, cleaning, etc) or bigger things such as home renovation projects (prepping a house to sell, increasing the value, or just wanting an updated look), these things take time out of your daily schedule.


While we can’t help you with your regular home-maintenance chores, we can help you by giving you some tips and tricks on home renovation projects that will actually SAVE YOU TIME!  They have to get done regardless, but we want to help you cut down on the length of time as well as overall money spent to keep your life moving as seamlessly as possible.


The Key Ingredient here?


You guessed it: faux wall panels.


Faux wall paneling allows you to accomplish multiple home renovation projects, without the hassle of hiring a contractor, living in an absolute mess for days (or even weeks) on end, and for far less money than projects done with authentic stone, brick, or wood.


Here’s a list of several home renovation projects that can be completed in a single weekend:


  • Kitchen Backsplash: Kitchen backsplashes are typically a pretty lengthy process. Most people select tile that has to be cut, mortared, and grouted.  Talk about: M-E-S-S!  The kitchen can be under wraps for weeks, causing you to eat out for every meal and avoid the place like the plague!  Instead, opt for faux brick or faux stone paneling to create the perfect backsplash.  It will be 100% moisture resistant, easy to clean, and save you oodles of time and money.
  • Accent Wall: Having an accent wall is all the rage. People will typically choose to do it in order to highlight a specific feature (piece of furniture, art, etc) in a room.  Having an accent wall creates contrast and depth.  Instead of using paint (BORING), or attempting to add shiplap (thanks, but no thanks Joanna Gaines), opt for faux wood paneling!  It is easy to apply (only takes several hours), lightweight, and will transform your room by adding an immediate unique touch.
  • Bathroom: in the bathroom, people typically use faux wall paneling behind a bathtub or inside a shower. This is the perfect material to use because a) it’s waterproof and b) it’s DIY and c) it can be installed so quickly.  You can transform your bathroom by bringing it up to date with faux brick or faux stone panels over the weekend!
  • Outdoor applications: there are many outdoor uses for faux wall paneling, such as: exterior paneling, outdoor kitchen, fire place, and landscape design. No matter what you choose, selecting faux wall paneling for the material will save you tons of time and money.  And not to worry, the panels are completely weatherproof and will last for years to come!


With the busyness of every day life, the last thing you need is a home renovation project to add to the chaos.  Hopefully these tips gave you some ideas on how to quickly (and affordably) transform your home!