So you’ve made the decision to purchase a new house.  We suppose a ‘congratulations’ are in order.  You are now entering one of the most exhilarating, stressful, anxiety-provoking, and amazing times of your life.

Did we mention exciting?

Listen, let’s be real here.  Purchasing a home is an emotional roller coaster.  There are so many moving parts, and unfortunately things that can go wrong.  As long as you end up in a place you feel comfortable, love, and want to come home to each day- it’ll all be worth it in the end.

We are going to give you some tips and tricks on buying a home.  Hopefully this’ll ease the process a bit for you:

  1. Decide How You Will Afford It

This might feel super obvious…..and that’s kinda because it is.  But believe it or not people, some go into this process without having a full understanding of their finances.

Do you have money for a down payment?  Do you know how what type of mortgage you want to have?  Do you qualify for a pre-approval?  Can you financially afford the monthly mortgage payment?

Many people make the mistake of putting every dollar they have into a new home purchase.  The only thing you’ll end up doing here is making yourself house poor.  No bueno.  There’s nothing wrong with purchasing something below your means so you can adequately afford it and maintain a comfortable lifestyle (you know, like continuing to eat each week?).

  1. Decide What Type of House You Want: Fixer Upper or Turn Key

There are two types of people in this world: handy ones and not so handy ones.  If you’re handy, you should do yourself the favor of purchasing a fixer upper.  Not only are there a gazillion TV shows, magazines, blog posts, etc. on how-to fix up a home, but if you’re handy then you already have the creative bone in your body that will be needed.  And you will profit in the end.

If you’re going for a fixer upper, look for something well below your budget.  Look for something that… guessed it

…needs fixing up. You can absolutely add value to a home this way.  You can do so by re-painting, updating appliances/hardware/countertops, changing out floors, and so on.  There are many ways to do this affordably (i.e. second hand shopping, DIY projects like faux wall paneling with faux stone, faux brick or faux wood, and taking your time!).  In the end, when you go to sell, you will make a profit on top of the original purchase price.

If you’re not a handy person, that’s okay!  You will just have to spend a little more money up front for a house that is ready to rock n’ roll.  Also, you’ll need to be okay if not every little detail is exactly to your liking.  Your profit may not be as big when you re-sell, but you won’t have to concern yourself with remodeling projects, etc.

  1. Shop & Seal the Deal

Last but not least, you have to go looking for the house!  Find yourself a good realtor, and don’t stop until you know you’ve found ‘the one’.  It’s better to look at more than enough houses to make sure you know you’re getting the best deal and you won’t go back on your original decision.

Once you’ve found ‘the one’, it’s time to seal the deal! Go in under asking, and try to get the price down a bit.  (This one will just help you sleep at night ;)..)  Once the financing process is over, you will be able to take a huge sigh of relief and enjoy your new home!


We hope this little guide will help you in your search to finding the perfect house to call your own!