Typically, any type of renovating project is far from a hassle. Once you have an idea in mind, you have to make it actually happen.  And this step in the process can be quite overwhelming. You might have to search all over town for the perfect supplies.  You might have to hire out a contractor to get the job done.  You might have to block off an area of your house during the renovation due to the mess of the construction or inability to use the specific area.  And you most certainly will have to spend a great deal of cash to get the job done.

What if there were a way to renovate your home hassle free?  Would you be interested in hearing more?


Faux wall paneling makes a hassle free renovation possible. First off, everything you need can be found in one place, our website!  No need to run around to different supply stores.  Simply browse through our inventory on our ‘Products’ page and select the one you want.  We will send you a free sample so you can make sure you absolutely love it before making a purchase.  That in itself sounds like a hassle free process if you ask us!

Faux Stone Backsplashwhitelogo-2

Once the panels arrive, all you have to do is unbox them and let them sit out for 24 hours in the humidity/temperature level where they will be installed.  After that day has passed, you can install them! All you need are a few standard tools and simple caulking or glue.  A typical renovation project with faux wall panels takes roughly several hours or a single afternoon to complete.  The best part?  You can do it yourself!

So, knowing those two things you have already eliminated so much of the hassle: cost, preparation time, downtime in the home due to construction, hiring out contractors, and waiting.

Faux wall panels are so affordable, so easy to apply, and so gorgeous once installed.  You can renovate your home in so many ways: accent wall, stone shower, stone fireplace, brick kitchen backsplash, wood exterior paneling, wine cellar, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen!  These are just a few ideas; for a complete list head to the ‘Applications’ section of our website.

Now you have no excuse for putting off that renovation project you’ve been neglecting for the past several years.  Get your faux wall panels today, and create a masterpiece that you will truly enjoy.